For more than sixty years the Verdelli Family has been dedicated to the trade of high quality fabrics.

After moving from Mantua to Peschiera del Garda just before the Second World War, the family began marketing door-to-door textiles. The historic store is then opened in the center of Peschiera. Always committed to the search for the best Made in Italy brands, the shop is still the reference point for those looking for style, elegance and quality.


Thanks to its particular geographical position, connecting the Alpine arch to the Po Valley, Peschiera has played an important role throughout history.

Always at the center of exchanges and businesses of great interest, Peschiera is one of the most historic towns of Lake Garda. Completely surrounded by canals, it overlooks the lake at the point where the waters of the river Mincio enter the Garda.


Elegance is a quality of the person who moves to what is touched, to elevate the wearer.

The Verdelli Boutique tradition is born and grows together with the search for the best companies and "Made in Italy" brands because only through the search for "your perfect garment" can you wear the most marked Italian clothing culture.


Study and research lead to the taste of beauty, and Verdelli is aware of it every day.

This is why Verdelli Boutique molds and creates your ideas in a "personalized garment" through the possibility of choosing and purchasing directly the best cuts of fabrics, sought after among large companies, and specially designed "with you, on you" to the realization of the your dress. For Verdelli, sartorial tradition is and will always be a starting point.